Car Wrapping

Car wrapping is a very common practice for vehicle owners globally. Anyone who loves their car should consider wrapping, since it both protects and enhances the appearance of the vehicle.

FoilX is your industry leader for car foiling and vehicle wrapping. Offering only the best quality of products and service to our clients, we have a variety of wraps to select from, and these are given below.

Chrome wraps

Chrome wraps are a popular choice for many car owners, mostly due to the exquisite finish the vehicle gets after. In addition to protecting your vehicle’s paintjob from potential damage, a chrome wrap will convert the overall appearance of your car, making it look concept-designed.

However, in order to ensure your car is better off following your wrap job, it’s essential that you leave this delicate job with experienced and renowned professionals, like we at FoilX. You can select from a wide range of available chrome colours here at FoilX, guaranteed to have passers-by gawking with admiration. Get the job done professionally and within the shortest time possible.

Matte wrap

Matte car wraps are another popular option among vehicle owners who look for wrapping services here at FoilX. The main reason for that is that matte car wraps give your vehicle an exquisite yet understated look, one that will certainly attract attention as you drive by. Choose from FoilX’s populous matte colour chart; you’re likely to find one in the exact shade that you want.

Matte wraps are not only attractive; they offer ultimate paintjob protection for your car in a unique and stylish way. This ensures that your paint work is maintained in top shape. Another great feature of matte wrapping is that it keeps focus on your car, and not by reflectively bursting into other people’s vision, but rather sleekly showing off the vehicle’s best assets. Get your matte wrap done at FoilX for the best effect

Metallic wraps

Metallic car wraps are much newer into the market, but they too are becoming increasingly popular as an option for many vehicle owners around the globe. Like the name suggests, metallic car wraps give your entire vehicle sheen and class, almost as though the car were wrapped in liquid metal.

At FoilX, we have a range of metal-based colours, from the understated shades of brushed aluminium to the bold statement colours like metallic blue. Reward yourself and protect your car’s paintjob with this amazing option. Check out our gallery for sample options to get a feel before choosing what you want. Whatever your choice, FoilX has got you covered.

Carbon fibre wrap

Carbon fibre is another new and suitable option that guarantees your car, lasting protection on the paintwork as well as an outstanding finish. Carbon fibre wraps are popular because they can be customized to fit your custom preferences with colour and weave size. The sleek, smooth finish looks attractive both from a distance and even up close.

At FoilX, customers may select between gloss and textured fibre wraps. With these, you will be able to see the texture of the wrap if you’re close enough, which is the point of using carbon fibre wraps. Given that vinyl panels are applied to complete this look, you have the unique option of part wrapping your vehicle. For instance, you may elect to have the body being glossed up, with the small details like side mirrors having the textured finish.