If you want to take your thirst for distinction a notch higher, vehicle branding is the option you are looking out for. FoilX vehicle branding and graphics design services are exactly what you need to give your car that ‘oomph’ and distinguish it from the crowd. Capture attention with the right branding solution that takes advantage of your car’s strong points.


Through our expert graphic design team, FoilX can convert your branding vision into actionable reality, and out repair and service technicians will bring it to life on your car’s body. For decades, FoilX has been at the forefront of executing auto design and branding solutions that will bring out businesses’ fleets in a new light.

With a proper design, you can use your vehicle or fleet to reach thousands of people as you go about your daily business. Our in-house creative design department is exactly what you need if you’re looking to execute an existing design, or just have a concept you’d like designed from scratch. We use the latest innovative technologies to give you quality artwork that will have heads a-turning every time your vehicles pass by.

Fleet Vehicle Branding

The idea behind fleet graphics is to create a uniform outfit for all your cars, which typically applies for business owners with two or more vehicles used for business operations. From design and branding for a single vehicle to uniform branding for a fleet of similar cars to fleets containing cars of different types, come to FoilX for a complete solution that will have passers-by recognizing your fleet even from a distance.

Having a fleet gives you a unique opportunity to market your business and its products and services. As the vehicles move around, passers-by can unobtrusively be informed about the existence of your business, as well as the products and services offered. Enhance your corporate identity by having a consistent outfit for your entire fleet.

Carbon Fibre 3D Sticker

FoilX provides high quality 3D carbon fibre vinyl/textured stickers. These stickers have tiny channels on the adhesive side, which allow air to escape as the sticker is being applied, preventing occurrence of those annoying air bubbles. We have a wide range of extremely realistic stickers to select from, all high quality and tailored for outdoor durability.

Our stickers at FoilX are also UV resistant, meaning they will last longer than you have seen with any other products. Get value for money with these stickers that have thicker surfaces, bi-directional air channels to expel trapped air, a real 3D textured weave feel, undistinguishable from the real thing. They are also made of highly flexible, malleable material making it ideal for surfaces of all kinds.


Are you looking for something that will make your vehicle stand out from the crowds? You have come to the right place. FoilX graffiti design teams can create custom designs right from scratch, transferring them to premium quality cast vinyl to ‘wrap’ your entire vehicle, or part of it as you require.

Visit us to choose from a vast array of ideas, feels and finishes, with a stunning range of matte as well as gloss colours. From there, our experts create a ‘wrap’ that will give your vehicle a whole new look, with the option of full removability if you want the original colour back after some time. We can also install your custom graffiti partially, with quality installation that will have the entire car surface looking and feeling the same as regular paintwork when done.

Digital Printing

FoilX digital printing solutions offer you the most current innovations and technologies in the world of design and digital printing. Our aim is to give you unlimited choices, with the highest quality of products for your indoor and outdoor printing needs. We can print on a wide range of substrates and media, including PVC, vinyl, stretched canvas, wallpaper and mesh.

Once the concept is designed and the precise printing is completed, your prints will be passed through the UV liquid laminator which offers an extra layer of protection to ensure your prints last even longer. Come to us for everything from simple pull-up displays to massive, elaborate outdoor auto and building wraps. We’ve got you covered.