Carbon Fiber/Fiberglass Body Kits

Car body kits are sets of matched external attachments installed to enhance the cosmetic appearance of your vehicle. There are many forms of attachments including rear/front bumpers, fenders, flares, spoilers, side skirts and bonnets. These parts also provide better ventilation and aerodynamic stability for the car. Body kits can be made from a variety of materials, most commonly carbon fiber and fibreglass.

Interior Carbon Fiber

At FoilX, we have an endless variety of carbon fiber body kits for your car or truck’s interior. There are limitless options for more than 100 different vehicle makes to choose from, much more than any company around. Feel free to come in and sweep through our fabulous selection.

From a set of Lambo doors and hood scoops to spoilers, side skirts and even Extreme Dimension body kits, FoilX has a limitless supply of top-range, cost-effective and durable body kits. Our extensive carbon fiber selection is exactly what you need to fashion your interiors and exteriors to get exactly what you need from it.

Carbon Fiber Body Kits

Carbon fiber is a composite material, just like fibreglass. It is made by applying pressure to carbon filaments and using resin as a sealant. With carbon fiber, colour and composites are injected into a template to create exactly what is needed, meaning that the material can be fashioned into any shape and colour, without having to paint afterwards.

At FoilX, we have a selection of high quality, lightweight carbon fiber body kits made with show quality finishes and guaranteed to have heads turning as your vehicle drives by. With exclusive models specially made according to vehicle makes, you can be sure to find something exactly meant for your car. All parts are hand laid and made from A Grade carbon fiber – the best in the market. In addition, a UV coat is added for protection and to ensure durability.

Fiber Glass Bumpers

Fiber glass is one of the two main materials used to make front and rear-end bumpers (polyurethane is the other). Also called FRP (fiber reinforced plastic), this is a composite material made using resins and cloth, strands or mats. A second chemical may be added to the resin to increase the malleability/flexibility.

At FoilX, we have a wide range of the highest quality fiberglass bumpers, a material trusted for many years by the makers of Ferrari. With correct installation and high quality products, you are guaranteed a product that has a longer life expectancy, higher chemical and UV resistance and is stronger than its poly counterpart. Visit us today to select your parts.

4×4 Baja Kits

FoilX makes a point of consistently updating our selection of body kits to reflect the newest products available for cars of all makes, including 4×4 Subaru Baja kits. We carry a vast selection of parts made for Subaru Bajas, parts that can be installed to enhance the feel and appearance of your Baja’s interior and exterior.

Come to us for the best prices for head and tail lights, cat-back exhausts, body kits, and cold air intakes. Like every product we stock, our Baja body kits and parts are quality-guaranteed, sourced only from the top-range manufacturers and made using superior quality products. FoilX offers you a one-stop shop for your Baja enhancements, with solutions that are made to last. Call or visit us today!