Do you want to start a business? Franchising gives you the opportunity to start a business based on proven principles for success. Franchising gives you greater chance of success than starting a business from scratch. Foilx is now offering you the opportunity to start your own car customizing business. Take advantage of the opportunity to work in collaboration with a company driven by success. Start a business with a low chance of failure and a high chance of success.

The Foilx franchising opportunity offers you a safe and faster way to enter the market. With an experienced company behind you, you don’t have to learn the ins and outs of the market from scratch. Learn from those who’ve done it and been successful.

why you should do business with us

Doing business with us is investing in a brand that:

  • Is at the forefront of innovation
  • Strong and respected
  • Offers years of experience
  • Offers a professional approach

training and support

No experience in running a business? No experience in car wrapping and painting or carbon fibre? No problem. We’ll support you all the way. Start by taking our training program. Learn from those who’ve started car wrapping and customizing businesses and become successful. Learn what you need to do to become a success story too. We offer support even after you start your business.

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